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Google Panda: Writing Original Content is More Important Than Ever

Google is not a fan of plagiarism and so are the original-content loving writers and readers all over the net. No one wants their ideas, words and works copied by others then passed off by the plagiarists as theirs. This is why Google made a commitment to further improve their search algorithm. Enter: Google Panda.

Webmasters are now looking over their shoulders more than ever. They can no longer get away with copying other writers’ content then publish them in their websites as original works. Google sent out Panda also known as Farmer to stop content farmers from continuing their dirty copycat game.

It is a fact that the web is populated by what is termed as “content farms.” These are pages containing text that may be relevant to a searcher’s query but when the searcher views the page, it’s all fluff and copied material. With Google Panda’s new algorithm, Google is able to identify which sites and pages are of low-quality and not relevant to the search at all.

Google Panda’s latest update targets not only large websites that get more traffic and have more links but also the smaller websites. The company only wants high-quality results when responding to a query and not a list of low-quality websites and pages. In the past, some websites received high rankings even if their sites only contained fluff and plagiarized material.

So what does this mean for website owners? It’s time to really get serious and produce only original content. With Google Panda patrolling the web, website owners must focus on putting out content that is unique to its site yet relevant to its target audience. Website content should not only be informative and useful but it should contain information that is true and well researched, not well copied.

If you are a website owner who produces a lot of content-based pages, check the keyword strategy of your site and make sure whatever you put out aligns with this strategy. Make it your goal to create content that your website visitors can share in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social media channels.

Remember, when you start writing content for your website, the quality of what you put out is more important than the quantity of articles found in your site. Google’s goal keeps the searcher’s positive web experience in mind. It wants the searcher to only find sites with relevant, original and trustworthy content. If you have made it a habit to copy other people work, beware! There’s a Panda watching!

Article credits: Darren writes on many topics including technology, free people search, social media and social networks.

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