Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification and Training

About us

Reaching the TOP Through Education is the first vendor-neutral certification developed by professionals for professionals. Since our inception in 2005, we strived to become the pre-eminent source of information, education, and certification assessment for the constantly evolving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry. To achieve this we work with experts and industry leaders from the private and public sectors, including training programs and academia, to develop broad-based foundational exams that validate an individual's search engine optimization skill set. Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to lead the Search Engine Optimization industry with excellence in information, education, and knowledge assessment.
  • Advance our members ability to deliver the highest quality service.
  • Provide our members with opportunities for continual improvement and enhanced professional stature. Code of Ethics

The Members Code of Ethics is based on interrelated, universally-accepted principles of professional responsibility. has established the Ethics Committee and Code of Ethics to reinforce the organization's position on the importance of its members exhibiting the highest principles of professional and ethical behavior when providing products and services associated with the search engine optimization industry. Therefore an adherence to the Code of Ethics and the standards of conduct is mandatory.

Principles for Certified Members

  • Disclose any conflict of interest as soon as you become aware of it.
  • Be truthful and accurate in all statements and other forms of communication made for professional purposes.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions, whether verbal, written or physical.
  • Acknowledge the work(s) of others and give them proper credit for their work.
  • Avoid false and misleading statements or malicious actions that might injure another person’s reputation or bring harm to their person or property.

Principles for Certified Members

  • At all times act in the best interest of
  • Do not use your position within to gain personal advantage.
  • Be honest and realistic in establishing goals, objectives, budgets and commitments for the organization or any of its operations.
  • Assume responsibility and accountability for your actions and never attempt to cover up mistakes or lapses in judgment.
  • Support the decisions of the Board of Directors and the committees you serve.